Why Is Invisalign a Game Changer for Adults Looking to Straighten Their Teeth

Why Is Invisalign a Game Changer for Adults Looking to Straighten Their Teeth

Jun 01, 2023

What is it that people notice about you when you meet them? You may think it is your skin because it is the most significant part of your body. However, people focus on your smile, and making you feel a bright and sparkling smile is highly desirable.

If you are affected by crooked, gapped, misaligned, or uneven teeth wearing braces with metals and wires, an adult may not sound appealing, making Invisalign the perfect option.

Invisalign, a virtually invisible system of clear aligners, helps straighten teeth as effectively as traditional braces, occasionally delivering faster results. In addition, the aligner system is comfortable, and as an adult, you can wear them over your teeth without expecting embarrassment.

The Invisalign dentist near you aims to create beautiful smiles for everyone. If you have orthodontic imperfections, as mentioned above, Invisalign is an excellent alternative to conventional braces providing many benefits.

How Is Invisalign Different from Metal Braces?

Orthodontic treatment with metal braces requires you to wear metal brackets mounted on your teeth and held by wires and bands attached to them for the duration of your treatment, making you look ungainly. Invisalign provides a series of clear aligners that you wear over your teeth for at least 22 hours daily. The aligners are created from dental grade clear BPA-free plastic that you place over your teeth without help from an orthodontist and replace every two weeks with another set of aligners.

The virtually invisible design will appeal because it will not hamper your work or socializing activities and personal life. The aligner system straightens your teeth without making the treatment evident to everyone.

Tailoring Invisalign to Meet Your Specific Needs

Orthodontic treatments are customized according to everyone’s unique needs. Therefore adults can expect Invisalign treatment tailored to meet their individual needs. During their first consultation for Invisalign treatment in Sanger, the provider will examine their mouth to determine the complexity of their situation. Adults can ask questions about the treatment if they qualify for it or even make inquiries if considering the treatment for an adolescent at home. Providers of Invisalign will answer all questions before taking pictures of the patient’s mouth using 3D intraoral cameras for the manufacturers to customize their entire treatment.

After forwarding the images to Invisalign’s manufacturer, adults can expect to receive custom-designed aligners about a month later with instructions from the provider to start wearing them immediately and keep them on the teeth for 22 hours daily, removing them for replacement after every two weeks and for eating and cleaning their teeth daily.

Adults receive multiple sets of aligners that they wear over the teeth for six to eight weeks. They must replace them biweekly until they visit the providers to assess their progress and collect fresh aligners to continue treatment. Therefore after starting your treatment with Invisalign aligners, you are responsible for proceeding with the treatment as the dentist suggests by keeping the braces on your teeth for the stipulated hours and replacing them every two weeks.

The Psychological Benefits of a Straighter Smile with Invisalign

The psychological benefits of having a straighter smile using help from the Sanger dentist near you are numerous. For example, you can achieve your desire of having beautiful straight teeth without dental infections like cavities or gum disease affecting you because the clear braces do not restrict you from brushing and flossing your teeth or even visiting your dentist for exams and cleanings. Furthermore, as the aligners are removable without a visit to the Sanger dentist, you can confidently remove them to complete everyday activities and replace them after cleaning your mouth and the aligners to ensure they don’t appear discolored from staining foods or beverages.

When you start Invisalign treatment, you are not restricted from having your favorite foods or drinks. However, you must ensure the aligners are not on your teeth while eating or drinking anything but water. If you adhere to your dentist’s instructions, you can complete Invisalign treatment in six months or two years, depending on your situation’s complexity. It confirms Invisalign will not leave you undernourished by imposing restrictions on foods or hampers you when cleaning your teeth because the removable feature of the aligners supports your dental hygiene routine.

At the end of your treatment, when you notice you have beautiful straight teeth to complement your smile, you will be encouraged to care for your dental hygiene and schedule regular appointments with your dentist to ensure your dental health remains optimal. In addition, Invisalign treatment is a game changer for adults reluctant to wear metal and wire braces because the aligners remain indistinguishable in the mouth without making the treatment evident to anyone.

If you want to straighten your crooked and crowded teeth, The Sanger Dentist provides an excellent alternative to the ungainly traditional braces with Invisalign. Consult them today to plan your treatment for straighter teeth with a beautiful smile faster than conventional orthodontics.

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