Why Are Dental Exams and Deep Cleans Important?

Why Are Dental Exams and Deep Cleans Important?

Apr 01, 2022

Visiting a dentist in Sanger, TX, for routine checkups and cleanings is essential for oral hygiene. Without it, developing oral health problems is much easier. If you have dental anxiety for oral checkups, it’s probably due to speculations and misinformation.

Dental examinations and deep cleans are painless. They are a simple procedure to improve your oral health and, consequently, overall health.

This article discusses why you need dental exams and cleanings and what you should expect during the procedure. Kindly read along.

What To Expect During Dental Cleanings and Exams?

A dental exam and cleaning are not rushed. However, it is thorough because it aims to detect and treat oral health issues before they become more prominent. Furthermore, the process improves your oral hygiene and educates you on the best dental practices.

When you get exams and cleanings in Sanger, TX, the first step is to discuss your medical history and last routine checkup with the dentist. Afterward, you will talk about your oral habits and the dental issues you may be facing.

The dentist then examines your mouth to detect gums, teeth, or tongue issues. Afterward, you’ll get a thorough dental cleaning that removes plaque and tartar before getting a fluoride treatment.

The examination part of the process requires a dentist to screen your mouth using an x-ray and dental impressions. X-rays help dentists view deeper issues with your teeth, jaw, and gums. In addition, when screening your mouth for oral cancer, your dentist will observe signs and symptoms that cause discomfort, especially when chewing and swallowing. With early detection, your dentist can treat oral cancer

On the other hand, dentists use dental impressions to check your bite. They also use these impressions to create bleaching trays for teeth whitening and nightguards for patients with bruxism.

After the examination, the Sanger Dentist will discuss your dental hygiene, including things you need to improve for perfect oral health. in case of any oral problem, your dentist may schedule another appointment for treatment.

How Long Does a Dental Exam and Cleaning Take?

The duration of a routine dental checkup and cleaning depends on your teeth’ health and the amount of plaque the dentist has to remove. The professional teeth cleaning takes between 30 minutes and one hour, while the dental exam takes between an hour and 90 minutes.

The exams and cleanings in Sanger, TX, take time because thoroughness is needed. Furthermore, the cleaning process is pain-free, and your dentist will make you feel relaxed throughout your appointment.

Importance Of Dental Exams and Deep Cleanings

Dental exams and deep cleanings are essential. They help prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and oral health problems requiring extensive fixes. Because of how crucial routine checkups are, missing them is not ideal. Some of the benefits of dental exams and cleaning include;

  • Giving The Dentist a Better View

Dentists in Sanger, TX, examine more than your teeth. During a routine checkup, your dentist can thoroughly examine your gums, teeth, tongue, and any previous dental restoration you have, helping them detect problems. Then, with tools including x-rays and dental impressions, your dentist can see what you can’t see.

  • Plaque Removal

Although plaque and tartar buildup are common to everyone, brushing and flossing are not enough to remove them. Nevertheless, maintaining proper oral hygiene can prevent excessive buildup. During a routine checkup, a dentist near you removes plaque using specialized tools

  • Cavity Detection

Even if cavities are in their most miniature stages, your dentist can find them during your routine checkup and treat them before they become larger

  • Teeth Cleaning and Polishing

A dentist near you cleans your teeth and gums, lowering the risk of developing gum disease. In addition, your dentist will floss between your teeth, polish them, and apply a fluoride treatment, preventing tooth decay. In addition, your dentist will review your brushing and flossing techniques and educate you on the proper steps.


Dental exams and cleanings are essential in giving you impeccable oral health. Dentists recommend getting a routine checkup and cleaning every six months. Fortunately, both processes take roughly two hours.

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