Dental Implants in Sanger, TX

By now, most people have heard about dental implants for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants are very popular because those who have missing teeth prefer to replace their missing teeth with something that looks and acts like natural teeth.

However, it’s important to know that getting implants isn’t something that happens overnight. It requires commitment because it will take months until you can use them.

Qualifying for an Implant

Before you can make an appointment to install an implant, you need to find out if you qualify to get it. There are depth and density requirements for your jaw to ensure that the implant won’t fail. Our dentist will assess your jaw and measure it.

Installing an Implant

After determining that your jaw meets the requirements for implants, our Sanger dentist will form a plan to install it. A dental implant comes in three sections: a titanium post that acts as the root for the tooth, an abutment that connects the root to the last piece, which is a dental crown.

Installing the Root

The first section that goes into the jaw is the root or titanium post. Our dentist will make an incision in the gum to place the titanium post.

After the post is screwed in place, the incision is closed and allowed time to heal and for the post to integrate with the bone. It can take several months to heal, depending on how many implants go in at once.

Adding the Abutment

The abutment fits on the part of the post that sticks out from the gum. Although this is a minor procedure, it still needs time to heal and allow for the post to further fuse with the jaw. The healing time for the abutment is about four to six weeks.

Crowning the Implant

The last step is to place the dental crown onto the implant. Our dentist at The Sanger Dentist bonds the crown in place with dental cement and hardens the cement with a special light. After the crown is attached, the implant will be ready to use as a natural tooth.

If you’re interested in getting dental implants, consult with our dentist in Sanger to start the process.

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