Dental Fillings in Sanger, TX

Even with all the preventive procedures that dentists do, you or your child can still get cavities. To treat them, our dentist at The Sanger Dentist in Sanger, TX, will need to remove the decay and put in dental fillings. Our dentist has access to the latest dental technology, and filling a cavity is now a pain-free experience.

What Happened to the Discomfort?

Instead of using dental drills to remove decay from teeth, our dentist uses laser technology to remove it. Dental lasers can remove soft tissues or bone by vaporizing the material instead of drilling through it to remove the enamel and tooth that have the decay in it.

Dental lasers also don’t make that irritating whirring sound that makes so many people cringe when they hear it. Instead, patients can relax in the dental chair and allow our dentist at The Sanger Dentist to use the laser system to remove the decay and then fill the cavity.

No Sedation is Necessary

Another advantage of using dental lasers is that patients may not need sedating when during fillings. Since the laser doesn’t cause discomfort as drills can, many patients may not need sedation to calm their nervousness.

Also, most people don’t need numbing agents because the lasers produce no discomfort while our dentist in Sanger, TX, is working on their teeth.

Dental Filling Materials

When a cavity needs filling, you can choose from an amalgam to fill the tooth or composite resin that blends in with the color of your teeth. Amalgams contain metals, and they look silver after it’s in your tooth. However, if you don’t want people to see the area that has the filling, you can have our dentist use the white composite material to hide it.

Patients can also choose from gold and porcelain to fill their teeth too. Our dentist wants our patients in Sanger, TX, to get the care they need in comfort. That’s why we’ve chosen to update our technology to dental lasers for our procedures.