Are Removable Dentures Good for You?

Are Removable Dentures Good for You?

Jun 01, 2022

Untreated tooth loss significantly affects a person’s life, mainly when it comes to consuming food. It increases the risk of developing nutritional issues and other systemic disorders. You can get your smile back and recover your chewing ability with removable dentures in Sanger, TX. They support facial muscles, which prevent your cheeks from appearing hollow. These modern dentures are also natural-looking.

How Do Removable Dentures Work?

Partial or full removable dentures have a base made of plastic resin that looks like the color of gums. It fits over the leftover alveolar ridge that folds the teeth.

Dentures stay in their place by the suctioning effect of their close-fitting against alveolar ridges. The upper dentures also get additional support from the palate. It makes the removable denture extra stable.

  • Firstly, the dental expert takes an impression of alveolar ridges and leftover teeth located on the bottom and top of the mouth.
  • Then, the professional sends these impressions to the dental laboratory for creating the denture base.
  • The dentist near you will try on the base to ensure a correct fit.
  • Next, you and your dentist will select the shade and shape of the teeth. They are beneficial in the manufacturing of dentures and also help re-building a natural smile. All these records are then sent so that the lab technician can create a denture using wax.
  • The dentist then tries the wax denture to evaluate the tooth location, fitting, bite, and aesthetics. If you and your dental expert are satisfied with the result, the dentist returns the denture to the lab for processing it in the permanent form.
  • The dentist will then make final adjustments to the removable denture. Accurate fitting creates comfort and also balances your bite.

As you adapt to your new denture, you may need to return to the dental office for extra adjustments.

What Are the Benefits of Removable Dentures?

Removable dentures are one of the cost-effective methods for replacing lost teeth. They can be full dentures or partial. Also, these dentures are easy to remove, ensuring hassle-free storage and cleaning. Below are the pros of removable dentures:

Simple to Use

Full removable dentures are very easy to use. The patients can take them out for cleaning and storage painlessly. Regular cleaning and care help the dentures last longer. However, when you opt for dental bridges or implants, it is not the case.


Removable dentures are also long-lasting. Therefore, they make a worthwhile investment.

Preserve the Contour of the Face

These dentures support the soft tissue of the lips, face, cheeks, and facial skeleton. It helps in creating a more radiant appearance.

Restores Mouth Functioning

The spaces left by lost teeth are prone to the development of bacteria. It further results in gum diseases, tooth decay, and cavities. Removable dentures are an effective way to restore your mouth’s functioning.


Removable dentures are also customizable. They take several weeks from your first dental visit for manufacturing. They closely resemble your original teeth. Therefore, there will only be a minute noticeable change in your looks.

Helps You to Chew Comfortably

Removable partial dentures enhance your ability to chew comfortably. It’s because they do not move around while you are chewing food.

Easily Adaptable

As we age, our mouth starts changing. It affects the denture fitting. Moreover, gum ridges and bone start shrinking or receding, leading to an ill-fitting denture. Ill-fitting dentures result in many issues like mouth infection, soreness, etc.

Removable dentures are easy to adapt. Many patients get used to them within one to two weeks of constant use and wear. If your removable denture becomes loose, talk to the dentist in Sanger TX immediately.

Prevent Shifting of Teeth

They fill the vacant spaces between teeth to prevent the shifting of real teeth. 


Removable dentures are pocket-friendly prosthetics that help in preserving your smile. Numerous dental insurances provide us cover some or all price of dentures. Get in touch with your company to find out what they will cover.

Today there are numerous choices available to replace lost teeth. One of them is using removable dentures at The Sanger Dentist. They help you enjoy food that you may have to avoid and fill out your facial appearance to enhance your smile.

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